Counseling Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have some concerns and feel like I need to talk to my Counselor. What do I do?
A: If it is an emergency let your teacher know so that they may send you to the Counseling Center immediately or stop by at any time during the day.

Q: How do I request a schedule change?
A: to request a schedule change please email your counselor
A-GAR - Cinthia Alvarado - cinthia.alvarado@stisd.net
GAS-OL - Mayela Solana - mayela.solana@stisd.net
OM-Z - Luz Zamora - luz.zamora@stisd.net

Q: I need a transcript. How can I get one?
A: to request a transcript please email Mrs. Dina Romo at dina.romo@stisd.net

Q: I want to take a Credit By Exam. What do I have to do?
A: stop by the counseling center and meet with your counselor to go over your courses/credits.

Q: I want to go back to my home high school. What do I have to do?
A: You and your parent/guardian must first speak with your counselor either in person or by phone. Then your parent/guardian must come to Medical Professions in person and speak with Mrs. Montemayor in the front office.

Q: I want to know how many credits I have. How can I get this information?
A: Visit with your Counselor before school, during lunch or during enrichment period.

Q: I don’t know what classes I need for next year. How can I find out?
A: In mid January through Mid March Medical Professions Pre-Registration will take place. At that time, you will meet individually with your counselor and go over your credits, progress report, summer school, summer contracts, credit by exam and next school year’s course requests.

Q: How do I know who my Counselor is?
A: Counselors are divided by alphabet. If your last name ends with the alpha A-Gar your counselor is Cinthia Alvarado. If your last name ends with the alpha Gas-Ol your counselor is Mayela Solana. If your last name ends with the alpha Om-Z your counselor is Luz Zamora. Please keep in mind, the counselors are here to help you and you can speak with any of them.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to meet with my counselor?
A: No, you do not have to make an appointment with your counselor, however, because we value your instructional time, when you go to the Counseling Center we ask the that you please always check in with Mrs. Romo, the Counseling Center secretary. She is a wealth of knowledge and may be able to assist you with some of your questions. This of course will help you get back to class quickly if your counselor is in conference with a student/parent or is unavailable. If Mrs. Romo is unable to assist you with your questions or concerns she will then take down the information and relay the message to your counselor so that you can be called out of class as soon as possible.

Q: Do my parents need to make an appointment to meet or speak with my counselor?
A: No, however, because we value your parent's time, we strongly encourage them to make an appointment so that they will not make a trip to Medical Professions and find out that your counselor may be in conference with a student or another parent and will have to wait unnecessarily. Mrs. Romo will gladly check the counselor's calendar and set up a meeting as soon as possible. Mrs. Romo can be reached at 956-214-6101.