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FSA Brochures and Fact Sheets

 FSA Fact Sheets

  • What is a U.S. Department of Education PIN and why do I need one? PDF, Word
  • What information do I need when I fill out the FAFSA? PDF, Word
  • What is so great about doing the FAFSA on line? PDF, Word
  • Am I dependent or independent? PDF, Word
  • Who is my "parent" when I fill out the FAFSA? PDF, Word
  • Federal Student Aid at A Glance (2 pages) PDF, Word
  • Federal Student Aid Application Process PDF, Word
  • College Preparation Checklist (3 pages) PDF, Word
  • Choose a School Carefully PDF, Word
  • Federal Student Aid Web Sites PDF, Word
  • Myths About Financial Aid PDF, Word
  • Why Go To College? PDF, Word
  • Choosing a Career PDF, Word
  • Need Training for a Job? PDF, Word
  • How Your Financial Aid Administrator Can Help You. PDF, Word
  • Don't Get Scammed on Your Way to College. PDF, Word
  • Be an Informed Consumer... when it comes to federal student aid. PDF, Word
  • Why Get a Federal Student Loan? PDF, Word
  • Got a Federal Student Loan? Be a Responsible Borrower! PDF, Word
  • Student Aid and Identify Theft. PDF, Word
  • Military Scholarships PDF, Word