1. Medical Academy Book-a-holics:
Sponsor: Mr. J. Human Room: 201
For more information: ,
Information: The Medical Academy Book-a-holics: is a young adult book club that meets about once a month during the school year to select books to read and discuss solely for the pleasure that reading brings us. Any student can join at any time of the year. The goal of the Book-a-holics: is to spread a love of reading across the Medical Academy campus. We want students to discover the magic of books and celebrate their trans-formative power with each other.
Dues: There are no dues, and thanks to a book lease program, ALL of the books that the Book-a-holics: select may be "leased" to a student for free...there is never a need to purchase any of the readings.

2. Fellowship of Christian Athletes:
Sponsor: E. Hinojosa Room: 605
For more information:
Meeting Days: Weekly on Wednesdays at lunch
Dues: It’s free…but $15 gets you a shirt too!
Information: Student led Bible Study and fun!! We volunteer our time with organizations that require….well volunteers J Anyone can join at any time there are no due dates!

3. Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA):
Sponsors: HOSA-Health Occupations Students of America
Seniors: J. Groves,(, and Claudia Garza (
Juniors: L.Robles ( and A. Garcia(
Sophomores and Freshmen: J.Lucio (, K.Dudley (, and G. Guillen (
Purpose: HOSA is a student-led leadership organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.
Dues: $20-$25 one-time fee for state and national dues
Meetings: Meeting days: 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 11:50am.
Deadline: Set by each Health Science teacher for their chapter. See your Health Science teacher for meeting times.
For information about HOSA as an organization visit:

4. Library club:
Sponsor: D. Fultz
For more information:
The Objectives of the Library Club:
1. To encourage participants to read and use the library and for them in turn to encourage their peers.
2. To develop organizational and research skills.
3. To provide a diverse and challenging educational experience that will enable the students to become knowledgeable and skilled in various areas.
4. To serve others within our school.
For More information: The Library Club has a page on the library’s web site
Meeting Days: We try to meet the first Monday of the month, but there are always exceptions. The first Monday in September is Labor Day, so we will meet the following Monday, on September 13. This first meeting of the year is mostly an informational one for interested new members.
Dues: There is no fee for joining the Library Club. However, there are certain criteria they must meet to be considered “active”.

5. Pan American Student Forum- P.A.S.F:
Sponsors: A. Ruvalcaba, R. Rudd room# 401
For more information:,
The purpose of PASF then, as now, is to offer students and teachers a better opportunity to learn more about all the Americas and the Spanish speaking world, thus fostering cordial relations among these peoples.
Dues: TBA (To Be Announced)
Meeting Days: Once a month during lunch (12:00 PM)

6. Physical Education Club:
Sponsor: P. Hernandez Room: 602/Gym
For more information:
Dues: $20 fee, Fee goes to support PE Club activities and end of year field trip for top two teams.
Meeting days: intramural activities during lunch.
7. Science Club:
Sponsor: C. Martinez and S. Reber Room: 404
For more information:
Purpose: Explore the world of science. Promote environmental awareness through several recycling activities and community service projects
Membership: Open to all students
Dues: $5.00
Meeting Days: 2nd Monday (lunch)

8. Spirit Club:
Mission Statement (what we do):
We are a council of students who model a sense of school spirit and pride in being a part of the Medical Academy Family.
We will meet regularly to plan service projects on our campus that promote enthusiasm and joy for our student body.
We will inspire a sense of wonder, learning, and appreciation of the world in which we live—including the microcosm that is our campus.
Sponsors are: Ms. Rosanne Rudd and Ms. Lucinda Wiley in room 108; meetings are biweekly on Thursdays at noon.

9. Student Council:
Sponsor: P. Hernandez Room: 602
For more information:
Dues: TBA
Meeting Days: TBA
Purpose: Student Council is an organization conducted by student leaders and supervised by adult sponsors. The purpose of Student Council is to provide leadership, and to serve the student body, the school, and the community.
10. Yearbook:
Sponsor: F. Andrade Room: 205 Computer Science Lab
For more information:
Purpose: Developing and creating the yearbook for the school through: research, design, photography and other duties necessary in the production of a school yearbook.
11. University Interscholastic League (U.I.L):
See Mr. Hinojosa for details on various U.I.L teams Room: 605
12. Writer's Ink Club:
Sponsor: Mrs. Cano
Meetings are held about once a month during the school year in room 106. Students sit around with laptops /iPads  and/ or pen & paper and  write poetry, songs, stories,  essays, etc. . For example,  students may want to share  a poem about a special person ,  a story in remembrance of a grandparent , or a song about a special event in their lives. Simply put, it’s a way for students to express themselves creatively.  The writing club will conduct coffee house readings  throughout the year to celebrate our students’ creative talents in writing.
Honor Societies are also available at Medical Academy but have specific criteria to become a part of the organizations. Please see the sponsors for more information. Some of the honor society organizations available at Medical Academy are:

National Honor Society- See Ms. G. Smith in Room 402
National Art Honor Society-See Ms. Fiebig in Room 301

VIVA Peer Tutors- See Ms. Robles in Room 405
National Vocational-Technical Society- See Mr. Ysaguirre in Room 601/604
Spanish Honor Society- See Ms. Saenz in Room 600