2016-2017 Scholarship Listing

United States Presidential Scholars Program CTE Program

  • Deadline: September 11, 2015
  • Criteria:
    • Graduate between January and June of 2016
    • Are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents
    • CTE scholar applicants must be participants in a career and technical education program (i.e.

      Healthcare, IT, Advanced Manufacturing, STEM, and Transportation)

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Website:


    Quest Bridge National College Match Program

  • Deadline: September 27, 2016
  • Criteria: Offers an opportunity for academically outstanding low-income high school seniors to gain admission and full four- year scholarship to some of the nation’s top ranked colleges.
    • Must be a high school senior who has shown outstanding academic ability despite facing economic challenges
    • Must plan on enrolling as a freshman in college in the fall of next year
    • Most College Match scholarship recipients come from households earning less than $60,000 annually (for a typical family of four) and have experienced long-term economic hardship
    • Must have the motivation and academic ability to thrive at one of the partner colleges
    • Students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents may apply, but not all of the partner colleges will consider these students for admission and full scholarships through the College Match process
    • 500 word Essay
  • Scholarship Amount: Full cost of tuition 22,000-34,000 depending on the college Full cost of room and board 7,000-11,000 depending on the college
  • Website: Apply online at

     Harvard University Financial Aid Initiative

  • Deadline: CSS Profile available October 1st (contact university for deadline)
  • Description: Announced in December of 2007, Harvard has dramatically reduced the amount expected by families to contribute to the cost of their student's Harvard education. Harvard no longer require students to take out loans, and parents of financial aid recipients are asked to contribute on average from zero to ten percent of their annual income, with no contribution expected for families with incomes of under $60,000.
  • Criteria: Those parents with annual incomes of between $120,000 and $180,000 are asked to contribute an average ten percent of their income, with a declining percentagefrom ten to zero, also, for parents with annual incomes between $120,000 and $60,000. For more information,
  • Website:

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Deadline: CSS Profile available October 1st(contact university for deadline)
  • Description: At MIT, we make all our undergraduate admission decisions without regard to family financial circumstances. We award all our aid based on financial need; and we meet the full need of each student.
  • Website:

    Stanford University Scholarship

  • Deadline: CSS Profile available October 1st(contact university for deadline)
  • Description: For parents with total annual income below $100,000 and typical assets for this income range, the expected parent contribution will be low enough to ensure that all tuition charges are covered with need-based scholarship, federal and state grants, and/or outside scholarship funds. For more information, go to
  • Website:

    Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount:
  • Deadline: October 4, 2016 at 5pm CST
    • Scholarship Amount: TBA
    • Criteria: Senior high school student with a “B” grade average and participates in one school-sponsored sport:
    • Website:

      AES Engineer Scholarship

    • Deadline: October 6, 2016
    • Criteria:
      • Scholarships are intended for our future leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study. This award is available to high school seniors and all students attending a post secondary educational facility.
      • You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.
      • Students must submit an essay of no more than 1000 words in answer to the following question:

        What are your dreams for your future? When you look back on your life in thirty years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful?

      • Submit essay to:
      • $500
      • Website:

 Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awards

  • Deadline: October 02, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • Rising Seniors (Students graduating in the Spring of 2016)
    • Planning to enroll in college in the Fall 2016
    • Of Hispanic/Latino descent (at least one parent)
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or 7.5 (on a 10.0 scale)
  • Description: Three awards for each student category and one Innovative Educator Award are given in each of ten regions across the country. The Youth Awards program offers educational grants in several categories to qualified Hispanic/Latino high school seniors.
  • Scholarship Amount: $1,000-$3,000
  • Website:

     Dr. Pepper Tuition Scholarship

  • Deadline: October 17, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of participation
    • Tell them you're one of a kind story and how you plan to make an impact on the world
  • Scholarship Amount:
    • 4, $100,000 Tuition Prize
    • 4, $20,000 Runner-up Prizes
    • 12, $2,500 Consolation Prize
  • Website: Visit

    Horatio Alger Scholarship

  • Deadline: October 25, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • GPA: 2.0
    • Critical financial need (family makes less than $50,000/year)
    • Involvement in extra-curricular and community activities
    • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Scholarship Amount: 7 ($5,000) in Texas
  • Website: Apply online at

    Coca-Cola Scholars Program

  • Deadline: October 31, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • Be a high school senior
    • Be U.S. Citizens; U.S. Nationals; U.S. Permanent Residents; Temporary Residents
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the end of junior year, well rounded senior who has highly developed interests in their community, extracurricular activities, and volunteer activities
    • Applicants cannot be children or grandchildren of employees, officers or owners of Coca−Cola bottling companies, The Coca−Cola Company, Company divisions or subsidiaries.
    • Not need based, this scholarship is achievement based
  • Scholarship Amount:

    o (50) $20,000 awards

    o (200) $10,000 awards

  • Website:

    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship

  • Deadline: November 1, 2016 (Opens in September)
  • Criteria:
    • Graduate from a US high school in Spring 2016
    • Enroll in an accredited four-year college beginning in Fall 2016
    • Earn a cumulative un-weighted GPA of 3.5 or above
    • Receive standardized test scores in the top 15%: SAT combined critical reading and math score of 1200 or above (must test by October 5, 2013) and/or ACT composite score of 26 or above (must test by September 21, 2013)
    • Demonstrate significant unmet financial need. We will consider applicants with family income up to $95,000.
    • Merit and Need Based
  • Scholarship Amount:
    • 30-40 students selected
    • Max is $30,000 per year
  • Website:

    Voice of Democracy Scholarship

  • Deadline: November 1, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • Students in 9th-12thgrade
  • Scholarship Amount

    o $1,000-$30,000

  • Website: 

    University of Texas at Dallas McDermott Scholarship

  • Deadline: October 25, 2016 (Priority applicants); January 4, 2017 (Regular Applicants)
  • Criteria: Students who are interested in attending UT-Dallas University must apply for admissions and submit a scholarship application. SAT of 2100 on the three sections or 32 on the ACT, top 5% of their graduating class and are campus leaders, community volunteers, athletes, artists, scholars, scientists, and musicians.
  • Scholarship Amount: TBA
  • Website:

    Texas A&M University Scholarship (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Criteria: A variety of scholarships are available. The scholarship application and essay topics are available via the Apply Texas Application.
  • Website:

    Texas A&M University Regents Scholarship (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000 per year
  • Criteria:
    • Household income $40,000 or less
    • 1stGeneration Student
    • Must answer the question on your Apply Texas that asks Highest level of Education of Mother” and Highest Level of Education of Father.”
    • 1stGeneration means that neither parent has graduated from a 4 year university in the U.S.
  • Website:
  • Website:

    UT Austin Scholarships (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Criteria: Students who are interested in attending UT-AUSTIN University must apply for admissions and submit a scholarship application. The scholarship application and essay topics are available via the
  • Website: Apply Texas Application at To view scholarships:

    University of Houston (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Criteria: A variety of scholarships are available. The scholarship application and essay topics are available via the Apply Texas Application.
  • Website: Apply Texas Application at

    Texas State University (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Criteria: A variety of scholarships are available. The scholarship application and essay topics are available via the Apply Texas Application.
  • Website: Apply Texas Application at 

40 Acres-University of Texas at Austin (Apply Texas)

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Criteria:
    • You are eligible to be considered for this scholarship by applying to the university.
    • 10-20 recipients will be awarded
    • Recipients should be notified by February
    • There is NO separate application aside from the Apply Texas Admissions application
  • Scholarship Amount:
    • Tuition and mandatory fees
    • A living stipend
    • Books
    • Enrichment activities, including service-learning opportunities, study abroad, and an internship or research project
  • Website: Visit to apply

    Terry Foundation Scholarships

  • Deadline: December 1, 2016
  • Scholarship Amount: Covers tuition, books, fees, and reasonable living expenses on campus.
  • Criteria: Selection based leadership potential and character, scholastic record and ability, and financial need. To be considered, apply to the university and complete the Terry Foundation application. Deadline for the applications are indicated below. The Terry Foundation Scholarship has been extended to cover 8 universities.
  • Website:

    Gates Millennium Scholars Program (opened on August 1st)

  • Deadline: January 13, 2016/11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Criteria:
    • Meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria
    • Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian & Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American
    • Is a U.S. Citizen, U.S. legal permanent resident or foreign national
    • GPA: 3.3 or have earned a GED
    • Will enroll for the first time at a U.S. accredited college/university in the fall of 2013 as a full- time, degree-seeking, first-year student.
    • Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities
  • Scholarship Amount:
    • Cost of tuition, fees, books, and living expenses
  • Website: Visit to apply

    VAMOS Scholarship

  • Deadline: April 1, 2016 (opens in October)
  • Description: VAMOS sponsors four-year scholarships to deserving high school graduates from various backgrounds for enrollment at a university of their choice. In addition, VAMOS not only supports students by paying for tuition & books but helps with motivation and encouragement through its Mentoring Program which monitors students throughout their college careers to ensure their success.
  • Scholarship Amount: $20,000/4years program
  • Website:

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